Hello i imported a custom camera control "SimpleRpgCamera" ,but i want my controls to be controller by UI since it's for a mobile game, the problem i encounter is that the UI Inputs aren't recognized by the camera controls (eg. i can't rotate the camera with an ORK UI Joystick) , is there any way to bind them to ork ? I also tried adding the script in the custom controls but nothing happens, thanks for your help :)
  • Tricked it by changing some fields in the event system and using Keypress Events but that's not what i want :/
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    If your custom camera control script is controlled by input, you'd have to replace that to use ORK's input instead.

    To get a button input:
    bool button = ORK.InputKeys.Get(index).GetButton();
    To get an axis input:
    float axis = ORK.InputKeys.Get(index).GetAxis();
    index is the index/ID of the input key in the ORK editor.
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  • I'm not a good scripter, do I have to call these in the simple rpg camera or make a custom bridge script to only get the inputs?
  • I got it :D, just 2 lines to replace that was so easy xD (took me 2 weeks to figure out)
    Now i want the joystick of my player to be less sensitive i will find a solution , but keep this thread open just in case :)
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