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Heres the Scenario:
Player pops on the terrain and must find the town. However its a world map and therefore has a massive ocean. I don't want the player falling into it or walking upon it. I know I could normally just place colliders however the player eventually gets a water vessel and that would be a ton of box colliders to not only create but also turn off every single time the vessel is entered.

I have a thought that this can be handled by giving it a tag and doing checks for that tag, but I'm not a coder and therefore have no clue on how to handle this. Any one have a copy paste method for this?
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    Don't think there's really a copy-paste coding method for this. Don't forget that you can also use the layer collision matrix to determine what collides and what doesn't. If I were you, I would make a static mesh collider for the ocean and raise it above ground so that the player can't enter it unless they're in the ship.

    Then add a second flat collision plane (that DOES collide with the ship) inside the ocean for the ship to sail on top of.
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