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Hello and happy new year all!

I had a couple of questions regarding the Unity Input Manager and Ork.

Specifically sharing window and menu navigation via the Directional Control schemes.

For all of my inputs besides Horizontal and Vertical axis, both Keyboard and Controller Inputs share the same button by having the keyboard input serve as the primary button, while the controller button serves as the alt button.

However, for Axis Inputs to be recognized, I made two Inputs named "Horizontal" and another two inputs named "Vertical".

Both are set up where:

1. The first uses positive and negative arrow key values (up,down,left,right) with Type: Keyboard and Mouse </<b>b>

2. While the other pair uses the type:Joystick Axis (X axis for Vertical and Y axis for Horizontal)

This setup works for all game menus in the game which use the Ork Input: Horizontal and Vertical as set up in

Base Control > Game Controls > Base Key Settings > Default Menu Controls

However, it does not work when I use an in-game window with a Dialogue Choice selection or basically any window that is not using the default menu controls.

And by "does not work" I mean that input is not registered immediately, there's usually a 2 - 4 seconds wait before the input is recognized as opposed to in its settings where it's registered immediately on "down".

Based on this info, my questions are:

Is there a setting I may be overlooking in Ork which handles default menu control differently from a non-default menu control? My custom movement and everything works fine, it's only windows that seem to be the issue.

Or should I not be setting up the Axis like this and instead do a custom input type that checks whether a controller is plugged-in instead of receiving both keyboard and controller inputs?

Your help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  • Did you enable Is Joystick Axis in the ORK input key using the controler axis? Joystick axes don't have any down/hold/up actions in Unity, so you'll have to enable that setting to use them.

    Also, you can set up an input key with the ORK Input Key input origin to add get input from multiple input keys, e.g. one using the input manager and one using key codes.
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  • Gil, why are you so good to me?

    Please stop. My heart already belongs to another...

    The ORK Input Key dual input is just so brilliant. And it worked.
  • I was just looking at this! Thank you both!
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