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Hey everyone, been a while since I've posted. I'm wondering, in theory, would it be possible to create an aura effect around my character that is triggered after a specific event.

Basically, the character does his ability and from the time the ability Event is done (ORK) the aura slowly begins to grow until its at its maximum then the ability can be used again.

I'm trying to avoid making UI's and instead have more visual aspects on the character himself that indicates the ability is ready.

Im using ORK and Makinom but the event is done through ORK.

Any theories on how this could be done?

So far my only theory would be to have some particle emitter turn on / off when needed.

Thanks! :)
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  • Lots of ways you could do it.
    I'd recommend taking the Fireball prefab from the tutorial assets and change the color to suit your needs.
    Then use Add > Game Object > Prefab > Spawn Prefab in the appropriate event to spawn it on the character you want.
    I believe there's a setting to make it a child of the target object.
    (If not, there's another step that can do that that.)

    Now you just want to fade the aura's alpha channel based on your character's cooldown.
    Make an event that is called whenever it's your character's turn to choose.
    (There's a setting for it, can't remember exactly where off the top of my head.)

    You'll want to give your character a pair of new status values similar to how hit points are set up in the ORK tutorial (One stat set to establish the maximum value, another stat for the current value).
    Have the event check your current "aura level" and then have a branch in the event to different Fade Object steps with different levels of alpha.



    A combatant has a Kamehameha wave attack.
    He has a Normal Status Value "KamehamehaChargeMax" of 200
    and an Expendable Status Value "KamehamehaChargeCurrent" that uses the previous value as a ceiling.
    He also have a passive ability that recharges his meter over time.
    The ability itself costs 200 "KamehamehaChargeCurrent" points so he can only use it when full, and it depletes all the way to zero when used.

    When his turn comes up, the event is executed.
    It checks his current charge amount and sees it's 55/200.
    It then reaches a variable-forking step that checks for various ranges in charge.
    (1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200)
    So since we're in the 51-100 range, it goes to a Fade Object step that fades the Alpha of the aura particle effect to 50 over a period of a few seconds.

    You might be able to use some Change Field steps to adjust the speed or other settings in the particle effect as well (since you already have a reference to it in the event if you've gotten it set up this far).
    Any light given off by the aura could be made brighter, a humming sound attached to it could becomes louder etc etc.

    Hope this made sense
  • Thanks for the detailed information. Definitely a simple solution.

    The object alpha fade is likely the best option.

    I did a simple particle emitter with on off I'm my current event. It's ok but it's not fading.

    I don't need the extra status effect or values. It's a basic ability that moves the character a certain distance and then it's enable again after the delay.
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