Hey guys, hope you're all well. This is a pretty general question, and I don't even know if it will even be possible. Nonetheless, I shall ask the question and see what you guys think.

So I recently updated ORK to the latest version, and also updated Unity to version 2017.1. I was blown away with the timeline feature. Being able to create and preview scripted events right in the editor is a major timesaver!

The first thing that came to mind was that this would be amazing for making scripted cutscenes in ORK.
My absolute dream would be to be able to call any ORK event node from inside the timeline editor. Obviously, that will be very hard to do.

But for the game I am developing, all I really need is

1) to move combatants around
2) and create ORK dialogue boxes.

I am prepared to script this myself, I would just like your thoughts on how feasible this really is. If not, maybe it's something GiL might consider for ORK 3?
  • Unity released a "Default Playables" package for Timeline that has custom Playables examples like a NavMesh animator, a rudimentary Transform tweener, Time Dilation, video player and a screen fader among other items. It has a wizard for making your own but I haven't really tried that in-depth yet.

    Right now I am using Timeline for cutscenes when my player discovers fast-travel waypoint structures in the game world. I simply trigger an event when they approach within a radius and it plays a Timeline of some Cinemachine and animation tracks.

    There were a lot of complaints last summer to Unity about how Timeline still had no event system yet and that made most involved cutscene attempts actually kinda pointless. Some folks made workarounds and suggested things but they're clunky. I really hope Unity changes this soon seeing as they actually had it in the earliest version and dropped it right before release. They're saying mid 2018 is their estimate to get it working though.

    I got some tips from this good thread below for a big timeline-based project recently. They discuss how Unity kinda dropped the ball on this. I ended up using Activation tracks with scripts attached to GameObjects for many things:

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    Hmmm, an interesting read, thanks for the heads up - reading through, it definitely seems like using timeline to script cutscenes is a no-go, at least for now. Looks like the best we can do for now is to use ORK to start Timeline events such as camera swoops etc, but still handle all the 'meat' of the event inside ORK.

    I'm okay with doing it this way, but I find it annoying that Unity had the functionality that would allow this, but removed it just before release. It's possible that Unity will add support for timeline events in a future release, but even if they do, this will be far from easy unfortunately.

    So yeah, I guess I will muddle along using my current methods :)

    Thanks for your help!
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