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Hello i'm using ORK 2.10.0 with Unity 5.5.0f3

A pretty annoying issues is appearing lately, I make changes in the editor. SAVE and test the game. When I go back into Ork once I click on anything it asks me to Save my changes in Ork. Although I have not made any changes since my last save.

The saving is always for the gamesettings window. It is not constant.

I usually see this when I'm adding new variables in game. I make changes in editor, save and test, then go back to the editor and the message appears.

Is this normal behavior?

(So far there have been no negative impacts of this except the message that keeps appearing)

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  • This behaviour is due to ORK in some cases can initialize default settings for unused stuff when showing that sub-section in the editor.
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  • Ok thank you
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