Hey GIL (or anyone knowledgeable about this sort of thing)

I set up an Always On trap-style Damage Dealer in a scene and just can't get it to work properly.
Already I've checked the steps laid out in some other threads about similar issues.
The trap doesn't inflict any damage and the console gives a Null Reference Exception.
Here's the full error text:


Now if someone has an idea of why it's not working, great.
But more importantly, I want to learn how to read these messages correctly.
Am I correct in understanding that the flow of code execution reflected in this long message goes from bottom-to-top?

Does it start at OnTriggerEnter and end with a missing argument at GetModifiedChange?

  • Assuming I've understood how this works, it would mean that the "Single change" argument is missing. (Since the other 4 arguments were already successfully used in the previous GetChange function)

    But what does that mean in practice?
  • Your error message tells me that you're working with an older ORK version that had a bug. Update to a newer version and you should be good to go :)
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