I'm doing my skills setup I have an effect on my RPG maker project that would not let the player die that or the next turn.
If player hp>0, player hp=1.
I'm trying to create that status effect, but have no idea how to.

Can anyone enlighten me?
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    @Limonada do you mean a kind of effect that will stop the player from taking damage when hit by an enemy ability? If this is what you want to do, open ork framework then go to status>status effect>block status changes. Go through the settings and make your changes
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  • There are different ways to achieve this - e.g. blocking status effect changes as @henkesky1 mentioned.

    Another way is stopping the combatant's death in the battle event used to animate death. Use a Cancel Death node in the event to do this, e.g. after checking a status effect being applied with a Check Status node.
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    @gamingislove Ty, Gonna try today and see how to proceed.
    and @henkesky1 that would not freeze my hp? I want the character to take damage, but it's Hp never goes below 1.
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    @henkesky1 that in the ability or on the Status effect? Block status change for me has only block attack changes, itens and abilities :/

    Think I got it, but it will not let my character to take damage and that's not exactly what i'm trying to do.
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