I've been trying to figure out something regarding battle spots.
I have a battle object with specific locations attached to the object. I have assigned those locations appropriately to the battle component of the battle object. For the most part, I don't have any issues.
Occasionally, I noticed the enemies spawn not in the specified locations attached to the battle object; instead, they spawn at the battle spots defined within the battle settings.

1. Does terrain have anything to do with this behavior? I noticed it happens when some of the battle spots are below the terrain (hillside for example)
2. Side question: Is there a way to specify the enemies to look at the player?
  • 1) If the number of combatants exceed the number of available spots, it'll create new random spots based on the battle spot settings of that group (e.g. enemies).
    Another thing could be using player/enemy advantage without selecting a battle spot object for it.

    2) There are different ways to do this, e.g. the Look At Enemies node makes all cobmatants look at their enemies, or individually rotate combatants using the Rotate To node.
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  • I did have advantage turned on for testing a while ago. Didn't realize it had its own battle spots. Turned it off, and combatant placement seems to be working as expected again.

    Thanks once again, GIL
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