Wondering if this is even possible with ORK:

Currently -
If the party successfully escapes the battle, I have the party return to a safe spot on the map. The enemy combatants are removed from the map. My system has a single mob roaming the map that represents an enemy group consisting of 1 - 6 enemies. The enemies spawn in the appropriate battle spots when combat begins (player touches enemy). So, I can't have the group just standing there. This also sets the battle complete for that ID.

What I would like to happen, is the group is removed but the mob that represents the group remains allowing the player to go back and face the group again.

The map itself will respawn after so many in game days have passed. I just don't want the player to go into a dungeon, run from everything, effectively removing monsters from the dungeon then going back to loot the treasures. Yeah, they have the penalty of no experience, loot, and the constant running back from the dungeon entrance (safe spot). Now, that I think about it, if that's what the player wants to do - let them.
  • Use a Set Battle Scene ID node to remove the scene ID of that battle in the battle end event.
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