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I may have found a bug. Can anyone else confirm:

When I click on an item in inventory that is marked for None for its usability, the Use/Drop/Give menu still pops up. The problem is all buttons are greyed out and there is no back/close button to close the window. As a result of this window being displayed, I cannot bring up any other menus.

I thought marking an item's usability as none prevents that window from popping up.


ORK Version: 2.14.1 (can't upgrade as all versions after this one broke my combat)
Unity Version: 2017.1.3f1
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  • Can you give more details on your menu screen's setup?

    Generally, if the item is set to be useable in None, the item can't be used, but still dropped or given to others. Depending on your menu screen's setup, this might just be the sub-menu giving you a choice on what to do with it - and I'd need the details for this as well to see what's going on :)
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  • It was tied to a sub-menu that was turned on. AND, to top it off, I was looking at the wrong menu screen. Gah, long dev sessions, gotta remember to take a break once in a while like the day job :)

    Thanks again GIL
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