Hey guys,

So basically, this feature would allow you to do "dual menu screens" for item exchange in ORK. IE something like Diablo where you can drag and drop items from a shop to your inventory and the gold is deducted.

Bit about me, I've independently funded several features for ORK, mainly for grid battles but also some UI features, so I am serious and committed to trying to get this done. I'm asking you guys because I feel this is something everyone can make use of.

I've already spoken to GIL and this is the feature breakdown: "New menu screen for exchanging inventory stuff between 2 sources (e.g. between 2 combatants, between the player and a shop or the player and the battle loot). When used with a shop, this’ll also transfer money for buying or selling stuff."

If you are interested, we can discuss further in private discussion :)
  • What about simply being able to drag an item onto a link (like a portrait) that transfers the equipment? It means that you'd be switching back and forth, but your UI is cleaner... although, I suppose clicking on a second character's portrait to bring up a split screen menu could be displayed cleanly enough, and that ability to drag and drop seamlessly between menu screens would certainly certainly strengthen ORK overall. Personally, I'd like the option to implement a proper grid inventory consisting of an array of spaces that exist as virtual placeholders for items even when they're empty. That, for me, would be the closer step to making a Diablo style inventory; that, and being able to define multiple types of space in the inventory settings--horizontal, vertical, weight etc.
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