Hi, I have question.

Let's say I'm creating RPG with ORK Framework and I'm uploading it on Steam (it's not true, but it's just example). And I would like to create an update or DLC with new quests, lands etc.

So player play in my game and I check in ORK Settings that game will be save in file. He save a game. And I'm releasing an update with new land, characters and quests. Is his save work with new version? He Can load game from his last save and just explore the new lands?

And where is the Save Game File?
  • In most cases, yes - but this depends on the changes you've made. E.g. if you move around stuff like status values or attack/defence attributes, this can mess up the save data, loading wrong values (since the order of them changed).
    I'd recommend to only add new data to a released project and never delete data, to ensure the save games are still compatible.

    As for where the save game files are stored - that depends on your save game setup and the system the game is running on. E.g. saving to File on Windows will store the save files in the user's AppData folder (in sub-folders relating to the company and game name defined in Unity).
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  • Ohh, ok. Yes, I will only add more data. Thanks :D
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