Hello! I have it set up where 3 party members always spawn (i.e, field, battle, everywhere!)

I'm wondering if it's possible to have them... not spawn in every scene? I.E, I have a town, they are behind you in scene, you walk into building, different scene, the AI controlled party members are despawned in building(Not the controlled leader!), then when you return outside they spawn again.

I'm curious because the inside of my buildings/houses get really crowded with 3 of the spawned party members and the NPCs living there lol.

Also, camera question. I'm trying to figure out a bit about camera borders. I use a touch/mouse camera right now, is it possible to add a border at the ends of a scene so the camera doesn't move over there? Otherwise my characters move indoors and you can see the black space outside of the room when i would want the camera to stop before you see outside the walls.
  • You can do this via the event system, e.g. having an Autostart event interaction in your scenes. There are 2 ways to do it - either always spawn combatants and have the event destroy the group members (using a Destroy Group Members node), or not spawn the group members and do it manually (using a Spawn Group Members node).

    The camera borders are only used by the Top Down Border camera to optionally limit where the camera is following the player. The camera borders use colliders/triggers to define the area in which the camera follows the player.
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