I was wondering if it's possible to rename combatants when you add them to the team (initializing a game event). If so, how would one go about doing that? Is it similar to changing the name of the Player?
  • There is a set combatant name node. It can be used to change names.
  • I just realized I wasn't clear enough. I meant let players rename combatants when you add them to the team.
  • Never mind, I figured it out. I'm setting the name using a variable and showing that variable in the dialogue.
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    That'd still use the Set Combatant Name node, just like renaming the player. Alternatively, you can also use a Change Selected Data Name node in case the combatant is stored in selected data.

    Instead of using a Player actor, you'd e.g. use a Member actor with the correct index (e.g. index 1 would be the 2nd combatant in the group), or get the combatant via a Select Combatant or Search Combatants node and use that in the name changing node.

    In short - renaming any combatant works just like renaming the player, you simply need to have the right actor/object you want to rename :)
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