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Hey! @gamingislove right now in the "Editor/Variables/Schematic Variables" That list every variable had been used I think is really not helpful like:
a) I don't know where is this Variable is being used.
b) Don't know what type is this variable, e.g: is it an Int or a Float?
So I can see the whole picture of the variable so that will make it more useful :)

And I really like if you could make this even more useful like:
1) Able to change Variable name and that will apply to everything that uses it. e.g: In the schematic, Object Variable.
2) Don't allow to change the type of the variable, because of it a bad thing right? :) Or you just don't make this an option.

For the background of the idea to change the variable name and then apply to everything uses it. It from Construct 2 now it 3.
If you don't know about it you should check it out maybe you learn 1 or 2 things from it :)
Basically, they make Construct really easy to make a game for someone who isn't know anything about how to make a game and how to code, like me :)

And when I see Makinom for the first time because you make it free to everyone and thank you for this I had found out your amazing tool that I looking for so long in the asset store.
Because you know :P I always find an asset on Unity with free tag :D
Anyways when I first use Makinom my mind find it really easy to use and understand and has everything needed to make a complete game. So I think your tool just like Construct aim at easy for everyone to understand and make a game.

Back to the idea! So my question right now it:
Are you able to make this possible in the feature update like 1.16 or even 1.20?
If it not possible then at least will you make this a thing in Makinom 2?
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