Is it possible to speed up the combat in the game example that comes with the Ork Framework?

When I use the fire magic is it possible to reduce the time that the magic comes to the enemy?
When I use a simple attack, is it possible to make the character move faster in the enemy direct, attack and faster return to the initial position?
  • Yes. For the fire magic it's in the battle event of the spell.
    For the attack and return, it's within the movement event.
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    @Wrofir I was able to change the spell's speed in the "calculateEffectTarget2" event.
    I look in the Move Events, but it won't have any event for Move Events.
    I change the speed in the battle event "runToTarget" and "runToBase", and it works. Thank you.
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  • How fast or slow a battle is depends on how you set up your battle events animating the actions.

    Without animating anything, an action can be used and finished within a frame, but that wouldn't make for a good fight :D
    If effects or combatants should move faster, set that up in the Change Position node (or whatever node is used to move them), or just have them make one step forward and play their attack animation, etc.

    ORK gives you all control over how your battles perform and look via the battle events :)
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