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I had an idea to get some general opinions and thoughts going around about the current and prior state of AAA gaming conventions and a way to discuss them through a game.

Rule's are simple.

1. Respond to the game posted above you in a quick summary.
2. Post the game you'd like the next person to discuss.
3. Post your quick summary about that game.

I'll start.

Assassins Creed Odyssey :

-This game is massive, but also filled with, in my opinion, VERY old school mechanics. I'm surprised it did as well as it has in reviews.
Battles can take a long time if there's a level difference, and you can accidentally wander from a level 10 area to a level 45 area where the wolves suddenly 1 shot you without warning, and you do 0 damage to everything.

-I think it's the most fun I've had with an AC game, but not really because of the gameplay. The missions are just more interesting, and the fort's are fun to tackle. Also, gotta love the ocean mechanics and attention to environmental detail.

-The upgrade system is also weird, considering I'm CONSTANTLY picking up new gear that has better stats. It feels very optional and I haven't felt like the slight advantage it's given me has mattered in any fight. I chalk this up to fights still being so heavily dependent on dodging and counter attacks...

Coming from a long time critic of the series. I think they finally found a good balance... First AC game I've enjoyed just playing at my own pace.
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