So I want to select a certain combatant in an event to change some status values upon completing a quest. The character is part of the player group, but I don't know when the character joins the party and the player can switch battle members in and out. This means I don't know the index of the party member. Only the main protagonist's name can be changed, so all the others at least have the name I could possibly find in the group.

I thought I'd set the group member as an actor in the event and then just change the status values of that actor, but I don't think I have a means of selecting the correct group member, other than checking which combatant every member of the the group separately. This would mean a lot of extra nodes, repeated every time I want to do this. Would something like search object work in this case? Or is there another solution to change and check the status values of a certain character?

Maybe I'm just being stupid and there's actually a very simple solution? :/ I just don't know which nodes to use and how to use them properly.
  • Use selected data for this:
    - have a Player actor
    - use a Select Combatant node
    -> enable Use All Combatants
    -> use the player actor
    -> use requirements to filter for that specific combatant (Combatant status requirement)

    Now you can use the Selected Data object selection to access the combatant in other nodes (using the same key you stored it into).
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