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As the title said, I've seen these terms from here and there, but not sure what are the differences between them and sometime very confused. So, wondering if anyone has an intuitive way to speak out the differences of these groups?

Thanks in advance!
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    Not 100% sure, but Player Group and Active Group should mean the same thing. This is the group set as player group, with one of the combatants acting as selected player/group leader. Think of it like a player party. (Maybe active group is also currently spawned part of the group?)

    Combatant group is like combatant party. It could be player/ally or enemy party. The Battle group is a subset of combatant group that takes part in current combat. So, for example player group could consist of player + 9 companions, but only player + 5 companions take part in combat.
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  • Thanks for your comment, @hellwalker

    Just want to double check for below
    hellwalker said: The Battle group is a subset of combatant group that takes part in current combat.
    Do you mean battle group is a subset of player group (instead of combatant group)?

  • No, like the combatant group could be an NPC group you are fighting. And it could have 10 members out of which 4 are fighting, and those 4 are considered battle group.

    It's usually used in events, when you sometimes want to only do something to battle group members.

  • Alright, here's some widom on groups :)

    First of all: They're all combatant groups, except the battle group.
    A combatant group (or group for short), is simply a group/party of combatants like in any regular RPG. The player or enemies are all in their own groups, even a single combatant/enemy has a group.

    The battle group refers to the members of a combatant group that participate in battles. For groups not controlled by the player, this usually means all combatants in the group, as only the player has a limited battle group (for group menu organisation reasons).

    The player group is the group currently controlled by the player and is pretty much the same as the active player group (in most cases). There can be multiple player groups (identified via their group ID, see the settings in the player/active group nodes), but only one active player group (which is the one currently controlled by the player and spawned in the world).
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