So Ive been playing with the tutorial, and I am thinking about pulling the trigger and buying ORK.

However, I am not sure if ORK is what I need or not.

I am going to be building a game that is similar to Zelda in fighting mechanics. 2d top down and the monsters will be in the world and swing sword and kill.

Does ORK actually support this? It seems to just want to support standard RPG formats. Just curious. Thank you!
  • You will likely be better off to build character controller yourself, or integrate some other character controller.
    But otherwise ORK can save you months, if not years worth of work. Even if you want to build something that it does not support out of the box.

    But generally, I'd say beyond character controller you should be able to build most of what that type of game might need with ORK, or maybe ORK + Makinom combo.
  • I have a game that is fully working with a character controller and the wold built now, fully with my custom code. I was having a hard time with questing, dialogue, inventory etc. Just getting it all to work and talk together.

    This is what intrigued me about ORK.

    I am mostly concerned with fighting mechanics. If I use a customer controller that I have set up, can I spawn monsters in the world that will still react to the fighting and death that I can do in my current style fighting. Using orc leveling, inventory etc in the back end.
  • Yes you can use ORK in combination with other assets and custom code. The integration is not always easiest to figure out, but once you get the hang of overall structure it becomes easier to find what you want. + It has great support. + You can commission custom features if you need or ask community to pitch in with a group buy. That's how we got the grid based combat.

    For example I use ORK for most stuff, but I have a custom UI in my game. (Skillbar, Inventory, level up, interaction, dialogue) and I call on ORK Items, Abilities, Variables etc.

    You can setup ORK for stats, abilities, status effects, defenses, formulas etc. And then have your code silently cast that ability on enemies when you need to. Or you can trigger ORK abiltiies through custom code and let ORK take care of animation and everything. Depends on what you need.

    For Dialogue I would recommend you use Dialogue System for Unity which has the ORK integration.

    So, yeah. While I would not call ORK exactly modular, you can use it modular and rely on custom solutions to front end ORK interactions. It also comes with Source Code when you buy it, so you can change stuff there too.
  • Since you already have your custom controls, I'd recommend checking out this how-to on using them with ORK, so that ORK can e.g. block controls during events (e.g. cut scenes, dialogues, etc.).
    Also, this general how-to on 2D games in ORK might interest you :)

    You can e.g. use your custom player controller (moving around) in combination with ORK's control maps (firing your actions). There are also combo systems available - both input combos (e.g. A>A>B to fire a special attack) as well as action combos (e.g. replacing the 3rd attack in a row with a special attack).

    The game tutorial series only introduces the basics to get you a good idea of how things are done in ORK, there are a lot of additional systems and features available that you can use (but don't have to if you don't need them).
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  • @gamingislove While I think i can figure out how to integrate. I am mostly concerned with how to make my combat work.

    I can build a complete custom game, and ultimately, if that is what I have to do, I will. But I feel what ORK will save me time on is all the complexities of items, store, inventory etc.

    without looking at code, its hard to understand how to do battle as an 2d action RPG style.

  • You'd most likely do damage using damage dealers/zones - the game tutorial series has an example setup for the real time battle system using them. For 2D, you'd just use 2D colliders instead.
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  • Thank you @gamingislove I have created a new test area for me to play around with. I think ORK is going to work.

    RIght now I have just my player controller and camera controller running.

    Will ORK be able to handle the attack animations with a real time fighting or do I need to keep all that in my controller?

    I am just trying to figure out how to actually tie in ORK to my current controllers.
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    I'm not a programmer so I only use Ork for my stuff.
    I was able to get this real time combat demo made.

    I would say the animations, especially for movement, weren't up to my standards. But you can certainly do a lot just using Ork. But the finer details will probably take a bit of customization.

    I was able to get locational damage which you can see in the video. If you attack his back itll damage his flame pack, and eventually disable the flame thrower. Attack the legs and it'll eventually disable the kick attack, and attacking the arms will eventually disable the guns.

    So you can definitely make something robust with it.
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  • @BND10706 This thread might be helpful:

    I'd say if you don't have many spells and abilities (Like dozens) you could keep animations on your controller side, and use ORK for attack outcome calculation, formulas, stats etc.
    This would give you easier control over the feel, tempo and feedback of your attacks and animations. Especially if you have auto-targeting, or some physics based abilities or something complex like that.

  • @hellwalker Ya I want to keep combat simple. Think Zelda. Just a sword and wondering monsters on a top down RPG.

    I just started a new project with ORK and my player controller and camera controller. I am going to work through at least setting up basic stuff first, and then figure out how to do actual attacks and damage dealing.
  • @gamingislove - Hopefully my last question.

    For doing 2D animation for combat, do I let my player controller handle the animation and the hit box? Or is that something that ORK needs to handle?
  • I'd say it depends on your use case - both are viable options.

    You'll just have to decide if you want your own controls to do all the animation and hit box stuff and only call ORK functionality for the calculations, or if you want to fire an ORK action (e.g. via control maps or directly from your controls) and handle animating and hit detection via battle events and damage dealers/zones.

    I'd usually recommend firing ORK actions and using the available functionality, as it allows you to quickly change something without having to change your code. However, in case you already have a most of your attacks implemented, that might just be doing the same thing again :)
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  • @gamingislove awesome thank you! I am going to move in the direction of ORK and will transition any questions to ORK support.

    I have my player spawning and moving now, so anything from here is going to be ORK related I think. I appreciate all the help! fantastic support!
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