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Is there a comprehensive list of settings that might need to be changed for a 2d game?

This link;

Gives some insight, but there are SO many settings to go through. (Perhaps a feature request could be a global settings search rather than per-page).

Currently when I go left and right my character disappears, which I'm assuming is because the character is moving on the wrong axis.

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    Are you using the built in character controller? Cause that was the first thing I found out while learning to use Ork to work in 2D. You have to build your own or use one someone else already made.

    P.S. I would second something like the global search thing. Or even a toggle that once set, switches everything for you, lol.
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    I am using the default controller, yes. Any suggestions on alternative (third party) ones?

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    I've slightly updated the how-to, as the Ignore Y Distance settings have already been replaced by Ignore Height Distance settings, which can also be used in 2D games (and depend on Horizontal Plane settings).

    I'd say that over 99% of the settings in ORK have nothing to do with 2D or 3D games. You'll mostly only need to keep eye out for position/movement related settings, e.g. each Move AI has an individual Horizontal Plane setting.

    And, yeah, as the how-to said - you'll need to use custom player/camera controls.
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    Feel free to add global search to the to-do list.
  • I have always hard coded my own 2d character controllers. Are you doing a top down 2d game? If so, this would likely be useful to you:

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