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Hello! :)
I'm trying to develop a simple 2D game with ORK (i'm a newbie with ORK and Unity in general!), so little by little i'm facing new challenges on development.
I'd like to keep this thread active, i'd be glad if anyone can be helped by other users answers. If you want to ask questions too, i could keep the first post updated!


-How can i change a sprite of an object? I'd like to achieve something easy like chest open after the reward is collected... Should i use variable with custom script attached to object? (Like 0 closed sprite / 1 open sprite? )How to get variable defined with ORK with a script?

-How do you setup animation? I managed to attack a sprite to player, but which is the better way to change sprites depending on direction and position?

Thanks everyone, have a nice day!
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    This is actually a good thought. There are a many 2D tools out there, and since (as it was just explained to me) ORK is a framework for everything except the graphics, you could do anything with it.

    The only answer I can give is that I've followed the tutorials Unity did here:
    about working with 2D, and using some of their code and some of my own working with sprites is very easy. The 7:25 min mark of that video is probably the best to explain sprite animations and movement. As for changing, you can play an animation, or simply add a public sprite variable that changes when it's interacted with. Hope that helps.

    The full character controller video is over an hour: http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/2d/2d-controllers
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  • I'm glad a decent number of us are making 2D games since I've recently started transitioning into 2D and I need help. :P It seems like no matter what kind of 2D images I try putting into Unity, they get distorted somehow... I'll get things like anti-aliasing when I don't want it or character portraits that get stretched out or narrowed down, for example.

    I'll keep trying to figure it out, but just thought I'd post here in case anyone else has run into these sorts of things. o_o I'm probably missing something obvious or making a silly mistake somewhere, I'm sure!
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    I'm fighting again 2D Unity "special effect" too... EVery time i found a trick to overcome a problem, i fear to have made a disaster elsewhere. :D

    However, it has been months i'm playing with 2D side, if we could help each other it would be wonderful. :)

    Ps: if you try my demo, it has some annoying 2D glitches too!
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    If you're getting sprite distortion, make sure mip-mapping is turned off; Non-power of 2 is set to none, wrap mode is set to clamp and filter mode is set to point (if you're using an orthographic 2D camera solution) or bilinear.

    It took me the better part of a year to get 2D finally under control for DG/ORK throughout beta, so expect taking a fair bit of time in ironing out your 2D workflow.

    Caveat: I'm using 2DTK exclusively, no Unity Sprites.
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    I played your demo (the original one that stopped at the bridge) and honestly didn't notice anything, so maybe I'm just a harsher critic when it's my own stuff. :P

    Hmm, I'm using 2D Toolkit too, so I'll give it a shot. Until now I've skipped over the non-power of 2 and wrap mode parts.

    Edit: Thanks Kirb, it worked perfectly! :D
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