I am currently trying to add custom data to save files. In my scene I have a custom camera controller for pixel perfect, scene bounds, and it controls a few other things.

I need to set a way to save custom data from the camera script example saving what was the last scene bounds so when I load a game it will restore the scene bounds from the last save state.

When going through the API I found in the save game handler there was a function called register custom data. Was wondering if anyone could give me an example of how to properly use it.

Basically just wanted to save a value in the save data. Also wondering when the game is loaded will the data from the object load automatically or is there another function I need to grab data from that custom save data.
  • Never mind, after looking through the documentation for 3 hours I found a link to a how to page I somehow missed that shows a code example. Ty for good documentation and lot's of examples.
  • For others who want to do something similar - there are 2 custom save systems:

    Custom Save Data allows you to add general save data, e.g. saving data from a weather system or other stuff you want to keep.

    Custom Component Save Data allows you to save additional stuff on a combatant.
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