The project my team is working on is quite massive causing the need for multiple people to be working on the same database. Is there a recommended way for multiple people to work on the same database or is there a way to copy data from one database to another. Example copying the xaml data string from one to another.
  • It's not safe for multiple people to work on ORK data at the same time, so there's no 100% guarantee that your data will be intact after e.g. merging multiple project assets together.

    Generally, if you still want to do that, make sure that you don't add, delete or move any data (e.g. items, combatants, etc.) while others work on their own copy.
    If you need to add, delete or move something:
    - make all others stop
    - synchronize/merge the project asset
    - add/delete/move
    - distribute the project asset back to the others
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  • Kind of figure that was the case. Thank you for the support.
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