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I'm running into an issue!

We use environmental damage dealers almost exclusively. It works pretty well, except for one thing: there's no real way to easily point directly to the PLAYER combatant (as in the actual player combatant being used right now).

I can point it to the combatant, but there's a problem, that's only the base combatant; it does not have any of the equipment or status effects or changes that the Player may currently possess.

If we could have an extra option to point 'Set Combatant' to the currently controlled player combatant, that would be amazingly useful.

(or if there's some other workaround that I've failed to grasp!)


The usage case that I'm working on right now is that I'm working on buffs that increase the Player's Attack Attributes (Fire +50%, etc)

But the damage dealer is just pointing to the base combatant, which doesn't have any bonuses, so damage does not appropriately increase.

I think for now what I'll do is create a bunch of formulas for each 'element' and direct each spell to their own unique damage formula, but if there's an easier method I'm missing, I'd love to know it!
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  • In what way are you using them?
    E.g. are they just part of the scene and should do damage based on the player or are they part of an ability, e.g. the player laying traps or something like that?

    If they're part of an ability, you shouldn't really use environmental damage dealers but activate them in the ability's battle event, so that the actual user and ability is used.
    Not using auto activation and activating the damage dealer via the Activate Damage Dealer node would keep it active until you deactivate it again.
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