I'm setting up my character controls, and have used these combination of setting for my characters.

Player Controls
Player Control Type -> Mouse
Move Type -> Nav Mesh Agent

I could get the character moving around following the Nav Mesh path; however, there is no animations (mostly I expect the walk and run animations) for these movement. I tried the Move Type of [Character Controller and Event Mover], they both seem to working as expected to me. Could you share if you have any insights?

Thanks in advance!
  • Enable Use Position Change in the combatant's movement settings (at the bottom of the combatant's settings).

    The combatant probably doesn't recognize the speed due to e.g. having a character controller on it, but being moved via NavMesh. Enabling that setting will calculate the speed based on the position change per frame instead of checking other components.
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  • I see. Thanks for explanation. It's working now.
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