I'm just about to setup a character using the Opsive's controllers; but actually having concern how well it'd work with ORK. So, wanted to post this quick discussion to see if anyone from the community have successfully done so and any lesson learned?

I'm targeting to use Opsive's controller to setup both player and enemy (i.e. NavMesh navigated) characters.

Thanks in advance!
  • I guess you've already checked out the custom player/camera controls how-to.

    I haven't done it myself (as I don't have Opsive's controller, otherwise there would already be a wrapper available), but you'll most likely have to write a wrapper component like the OOTII camera example in the how-to.

    For enemies, I'm not sure if just using the Nav Mesh Agent component type would be enough to get the move AI working with it, so you might also have to write a wrapper for that.
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