Hi there, ORK Community!

I'm used to being able to access a vast sea of Unity tutorials, but finding video tutorials for something as specific as an RPG framework is proving to be a little more difficult. I purchased ORK today and I am very impressed albeit a little overwhelmed by the extensiveness of it. Probably a long shot, but I'm hoping there are some video tutorials out there to get started. I'm getting tons of errors but I'm pretty sure that's because I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I'm having a little trouble following the written tutorials but I'm very excited to learn. Can anybody point me into the right direction?
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  • Hey, wellcome to ORK!

    It's better to start with gameplay tutorial and finish it fully first, and then try your own stuff.

    This will guide you through core concepts of ORK and give you overview of what's possible. You'll have hard time without this.

    For error's make sure you have downloaded correct version of ORK for the Unity Version your project is in.

    Video Tutorials would be hard to maintain, as ORK is very actively developed and things change often.
  • Makes sense. Thanks for replying!
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