Hi, is there a way to set Select Button for GUI? I just need to set it up like this - I have 5 item types in Inventory. When player click on item type and items are showing, I want this item type button to be selected and it's button to change from normal to "Selected", so other Item Types are normal buttons, but selected item type have special button.

If it's not possible, is there a way to set selected item type highlighted and others, not selected, to be inactive?

Please for help and thanks!
  • Which GUI system are you using?
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  • I'm using default GUI Legacy. I think I just did it. But I see now another thing - when I select item in Item Type and then I'm changing Item Type to another, my selection of last item is "saving" and I see description of new item which is on the same position as the last one, even without clicking on it. How Can I "reset" selection? I think it's connected with using keyboard to move on buttons.
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    Oh and How Can I Set up Tooltip? With mouse position will be over item and then you Can see item description it will be great and solve problem

    EDIT: I set up Tooltip, but I don't see text on it. How Can I display text, description of item on Tooltip? I need to set it up somewhere else?

    EDIT 2: Ok, I see now Tooltip Element in HUD :)
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