Is it possible to use a prefab or sprite for the the image of a bar fill and background.

I am reworking my UI system and adding new UI art, but having problems creating bars out of sprites of prefabs.
By prefabs I mean like how you could create a prefab to override UI elements like choice buttons, background, and so forth.
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    Not directly in ORK - but you could set up the content box prefab of the used GUI box and add custom UI like that.

    When ORK spawns the GUI box via the new UI, it'll have a GUIBoxComponent attached, which you can use to get the combatant of a Combatant HUD:
    Combatant combatant = ((CombatantHUDContent)guiBoxComponent.GUIBox.Content).Combatant;
    You can use the combatant to get the values for your bars (and other content).
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