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In my game I have a Sword & Shield equipment. In game this sword and shield are not separated items. Player can pickup Sword & Shield item and equip to a single slot. But I have 2 prefabs for this item (sword, shield). I can not make it a single prefab, otherwise animations wont work.

How can I make this work?
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  • Short answer, you can't - each equipment only has one viewer prefab.

    Longer answer, you can :D
    Have sword and shield as a single prefab, with sword and shield being chield objects (e.g. of an empty game object. Use the equipment viewer's Child Linking setting to position them on child objects of the combatant, e.g. linking the sword to the right hand and the shield to the left hand (or sword/shield bones you can use to animate them).
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    Thank god there is a long answer. xD.
    I'll try this way :) Thank you.
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