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I just noticed my flying text are not fading. Texts are popping up, move and destroy. But no fading. I went back to tutorial 19 http://orkframework.com/tutorial/game-tutorial/19-damage-and-refresh-notifications/ But I've done everything right. I tried changing Text Moving Event but still texts are not fading. Just pop up instantly then move and destroy instantly (alpha 0). There is no fading in between. Any idea why is this happening?
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  • Not happening here, did you enable the wait while fading, happened to me once when i forgot to check that boolean, since it's the last step, it could cause a bug when you try to fade something and don't wait to be fully finished before executing next thing
  • @Tr1nome You are right. Can't believe I didn't noticed that. I tried so many different options and tweaks. Thanks for the help that was the issue. I didn't thought about it because I used a Wait node before Fade node. Now I get it. Thank you.
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