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What I need is, When user hits Space key, needs to launch a fireball from user to mouse direction (or look at direction). I'm having few issues with this.

01. How to use ability without knowing the target. (If enemy hit the moving fireball enemy get damage, So ability doesn't need to have a target)
02. Is there a way to get mouse direction? I tried calling a function (LookAt mouse position) It's working fine, But is there a better way to do this?
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  • Check out the fireball gameplay tutorial for the general way to do a non-targeted ability.

    For the position of the mouse, use a Raycast To Variable node to store the position below the cursor into a Vector3 variable, which you can use for the movement as target position. The node has a Use Mouse Position option for that :)
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    @gamingislove Thank you I didn't see that tutorial before :) But I still have a issue.

    I can't use ability in field. (I tried Usable In > Both and Usable In > Field But still not working in field)

    I'm sure that i'm missing something but I can't figure it out. Appreciate your help :)
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  • 1. make sure the battle event can also be used in field (its unchecked by default)

    2. what camera angle do you use? top down?
  • Thank you @Wrofir It was Battle Event and Control Map. Thank you so much for the guide. I didn't thought about it before.
    I'm using built in Camera Control > Mouse. Very useful to see in different angles for testing :)
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