I'm new to Ork but fairly familiar with Unity. Making my way through the tutorials but was curious can you use your own UI art instead of these default boxes?

I have some png images I designed for buttons on the main menu and battle menus I wanted to use instead of the default settings for Ork GUI. Is this possible?

Love everything else about Ork so far though, really seems like its going to be able to do everything I want.
  • You can use new Unity UI system instead of using old GUI Skins. Check this tutorial. http://orkframework.com/tutorial/howto/using-the-new-ui/

    Or you can use your own custom UI as well. For example check this guide. http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/5870/tutorial-grid-based-inventory-system-drag-and-drop-equipment-slots#latest
  • So if I have a UI already setup in a Unity scene I can just define that within Ork if I'm I'm understanding that right?
  • Yes you can. But you may have to right code for it to access ork data. Go through the tutorials and Refer Tutorials > How-tos > Scripting section
  • Appreciate your help, I'm still struggling trying to figure out how to do this though.

    I've tried adding an event interaction to my main menu buttons but that didn't seem to work. I have the UI and Canvas with buttons all setup they just need to somehow be hooked up to Ork's functions which I'm not getting for some reason.
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    Just updating to say I got it working! Is there anyway to make the custom UI fadeout the same way the Main Menu would to the next scene?

    Right now the buttons stay on screen until after the fade resolves and the next scene is loaded.

    Edit: or perhaps a way to destroy my UI after the New Game is loaded?
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  • When using legacy GUI (as in the tutorials), the look of the UI is determined by the used GUISkins, so to make it look differently, you need to set up a GUISkin in Unity using your images.

    When using Unity UI (new UI), you create prefabs of the different parts (e.g. the box, buttons, etc.) and select them in ORK (each GUI box can also override this).

    If you want to create a custom UI, you can also do that and access ORK's information via scripting. Can get quite complex, though, as you'll have to recreate most of the control/logic that's already available in ORK's UI in your custom UI.
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  • Hey I really appreciate your reply as well as your engine! I took the plunge and bought it earlier yesterday and I have to admit initially I was quite frustrated by the fact that it seemed like I had to do several workarounds to get my current systems working properly but after messing with it a bit I managed to make everything work perfectly for the most part.

    I will more than likely be back with more questions, but I appreciate your response.
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