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I have an event in one scene playing out and then at the end of the string it transitions into another scene. It loads fine and transitions however the event that I have set to autoplay on the loaded scene never starts. Does anyone know why this may be or how I may go about fixing this?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Please, open only one thread per question - you'll get answers when I (or someone else) has the time for it :)

    Could have different reasons, e.g. if the player controls are blocked, that could prevent other events from starting. This can be fixed by enabling In Blocked Control in the event interaction.
    Or, if both events have Blocking Event enabled in their Event Settings node - the event in the next scene starting when the scene is loaded would be blocked by the event loading the scene.
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  • Sorry about that, I was worried I didn't post it in the correct area.

    The Blocking Event was definitely the issue, you are amazing thank you so much.
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