i am new to programming and using ork but i still get confuse in wanting to go for a hack n slash type rpg, i have been looking on youtube to see if there are tutorials towards hack n slash with ork but there are non. would love to see a separate gameplay tutorial for those who are wanting to go for a 3rd person hack n slash style to their game using mechanim.
  • The game tutorials feature a more hack'n'slash-style gameplay part in the later real time battle tutorials, starting around #30/31.
    You'll still need to go through the tutorials before that, though. They're incremental and all the things you set up before are needed for the real time battles as well, e.g. how to animate your attack or having the whole status system set up.

    There are also some gameplay tutorials available, e.g. skillbar/hotkeys and throwing a fireball.
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