I'm using 2D sprites in a 3D game world. I'd like the sprites to stay generally locked and not turn, flipping completely from left to right or vice versa when they need to turn to face the opposite direction. IE, Paper Mario

I had an effect set up on my original character controller but now I am trying to set up everything again using mecanim and the built in ORK controls. Originally, the animator on the Prefab was reading the position of the Child Sprite Renderer and triggering the flip based on key input. Is there an effect or strategy I can use to apply the same sprite flipping animation that functions independently from key inputs? So whenever a sprite turns in the 3D space, the sprite will flip horizontally. Hope I'm making sense :)
  • Hm, one possible setup would be having your sprite as a child of your actually controlled game object, using a custom script to always keep the sprite turned toward the camera and flipping it (usually done with using -1 scale on the flipping axis) based on the parent's direction.
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