Hi, i'm using Legacy UI in ORK. I have a settings menu in my Main Menu with music/graphics options. When this options are showing, Continue and New Game are coming from Legacy UI and they show up in front of Settings menu.

I have three buttons made in New Unity UI - Settings (to show my settings menu), Credits and Exit. Continue and New Game are coming from Framework Legacy UI. Is there a way to disable this menu buttons? Can I just add this buttons and connect them to Events with Auto Load Game and New Game? I need to disable showing Main Menu? Is this not going to broke my game?
  • You don't have to use ORK's main menu and can use your own custom menu instead. Just ask here how to access ORK's functionality that you need.

    E.g. starting a new game can be done via:
    true to load the new game scene, otherwise pass on false.
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