Hi, I just completed about 55 of the tutorials and didn't see any tutorial regarding designing skill trees.

Are there any examples regarding these features? There's a how to on research trees but it really doesn't say how to lol.

Moreover, is it possible to make a classic WoW skill tree with branching decisions, learned on click, ability points earned on level? I saw another post kinda touch on this saying it wasn't?
  • There's no skill tree designer available - but you can achieve that by using ability trees or research trees.

    Both are used to define the available things that can be learned/researched and the conditions/costs they use, so anything branching or depending on learning previously needs to be set up in their conditions.

    For the tree-like structure, that'll be handled by the GUI boxes used in your ability tree/research menu screens, e.g. using the Position choice mode to freely place the choice buttons how you need them.
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