I'm wondering if there is a better workflow I'm missing here. From my limited understanding, to use the new Unity UI, it goes

1) Create Prefab
2) Assign to defaults and / or override
3) Press play and test how things look?

The way I'm currently going about things feels very much guess and check. Is this the correct way of doing things? I find myself missing being able to drag and drop UI's onto the screen.
  • You can still use the GUI Editor in ORK's editor to manage the placement/size of your GUI boxes and HUDs, though that'll not have your Unity UI prefab style (since it's just using the legacy GUI).

    Other than that, yeah ... there's currently no other way to do it. ORK's GUI system is from a time when there was only the legacy GUI available.

    ORK 3 will feature a completely rebuild UI system - since it'll build upon (require) the upcoming Makinom 2, you can already test it out a bit in the Makinom 2 BETA.
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