Trying to set up items a little differently than in the game tutorial. Instead of enemies dropping items at the end of a battle, I'd like them to physically scatter(random directions) from the defeated enemy.

IE: A couple HP points drop (consumed on pickup), an MP Point(consumed on pickup, and a usable item (goes to inventory)

Any tips on how I can set up HP and MP field consumables as described/have enemies with this style of loot drop?
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    You can add a random offset to the drop position (i.e. the combatant's position) in the Drop Item Settings in Inventory > Inventory Settings. It also manages how dropped stuff can be collected and e.g. optionally despawn it after some time.

    HP/MP drops being consumed on pickup can be done by adding an event to the item's prefab, or e.g. spawning prefabs (with events) in the combatant's death event instead of using items for this.
    The event would basically add HP/MP to the player :)
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