I'm using ORK and Makinom together (via plugin) and trying to accomplish some things on AI controlled Navmesh agent combatants. I'm hoping for some advice. This is for real time combat.

#1. I make use of ORK's automatic move animations, and would very much like to blend in an automatic turn animation (a slight tilt) when an AI is either turning left or right (to avoid that "straight as a board" animation when turning). Is this possible with ORK? Like, can ORK recognize when an AI is rotating, and change a mecanim parameter (e.g. "isTurningLeft" boolean)? That would help make animations look much more lifelike.

#2. Can anyone help me figure out a way to make a navmesh AI run alongside an enemy. Think like a pirate ship sailing alongside a target for a "broadside" attack.

#3. How about making an navmesh combatant AI run by (or even through) a target. Like an airplane flying over a battleship, for a "strafing run" and then continuing on for a bit before circling back around for another run.

Any thought on these? If so, let me know and I'll give them a try!
  • 1) I don't think that's currently possible - you could probably use a schematic (Makinom) to monitor changes in the game object's rotation and set parameters accordingly.
    ORK can use the game object's rotation to set Mecanim parameters (see the Auto Rotation Parameters in the animation setup in ORK), but that doesn't really help with recognizing when the combatant turns, just forwards the rotation to the animator controller.

    2) Use the Stop Range setting of your move AI's hunting settings - it allows you to set a stop angle, e.g. 90 degree for moving to the right side of the target (local space).

    3) Hm, I'd say it'd be better to either use a custom AI for that, or a custom movement component in combination with the move AI.
    The move AI just tells the movement component where to move (position) and the speed from the combatant that should be used - so if you're using a custom component, you'd have the target's position and can move over it and make a turn after some distance, etc.
    You could still use NavMesh for the movement, just having a component between the move AI and NavMesh to adjust the movement for such a behaviour.
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