I have a party of 3 main characters. Currently I have them all working in combat with only one representing the party in the field. I want the two others to follow the party leader around in the field. Each has separate field abilities that must be used in conjunction to traverse through dungeons and levels. I'd like these characters to be cycled through a simple button press. I'd also like to be able to change party leader in the pause menu as well.

For this to work, do I need to detach the Player Controller and set it to attach automatically to the player? What other settings would I need to check to make sure that the Player Control and Camera Control switch and transition appropriately?

  • Create a new game event (use a button to call this event in game) add a Switch Player node. You can use this node to change player to the next or previous member of the group. So i guess this can be used to cycle through players.

    Use Move AIs on all group members, set them to follow the leader. I guess the Player is the leader. When you change players with Switch Player node, disable its Move AI and enable on the previously selected player.

    Anything i have told you in this and previous post are just ideas, i havent tried any of them. Its been only 4 days since i started the Tutorial. So i am just guessing and i dont know if this will work or if there are better methods available.
  • You can spawn the rest of the player's (battle) group in the field by enabling Spawn Group in Game > Game Settings > Player/Group Settings. If/how they follow the player is handled by using a move AI for the combatants which uses the Follow Leader settings.

    In Base/Control > Game Controls you can set up input keys to be used to change between group members. If you're using ORK's built-in controls or a custom control component setup using Add Component the control component adding/removing will be handled automatically for you when changing the player.
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