In my project, contact with an enemy triggers a battle arena scene where battles take place. I'm trying to give enemies attacks "out of combat" that can hit the player and allow the enemy to initiate the battle with an extra attack, a sort of advantage state. Likewise, the player can "first strike" the enemies. Could this be done with damage dealers out of combat through events?
  • Damage dealers need to be activated, which can only happen via battle events of the ability/item that's using them. You'll need e.g. a hidden ability that can be used out of battle for this.

    Alternatively, you could also use regular game events that play an animation and change status values :)
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  • yeah Id suggest using a regular game event that spawns a trigger when the player presses a control mapped button. play an animation and then check to see if an enemy is close enough and then start combat with advantage
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  • If I were you, I would make a formula to determine who gets the drop on who. (My AI lets the enemy compare your status values to its own, and compare that to how hungry the beast is, before the beast approaches you.)

    When the enemys collider triggers with yours, you can have it do one of two animation before battle starts. (one for if you got the advantage, the other for if they got it.)
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