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I'm still new to ORK but have gone through the entire tutorial and have some of the basics setup in my own game. I really appreciate how quickly it is to get something sophisticated up and running however, as the name suggests, I'm having issues where when an enemy attacks, it occasionally deals damage to itself in addition to the player, and I cannot figure out why.

Things I've looked at:
- I'm using "Active" Turn Base battle system
- "Can Counter" is disabled
- Battle AI is the default "Fighter" (i.e. empty)
- the "Attack" ability the enemy is using has it's "Target Type" set to "Enemy"

I've also seen cases where the enemy attacks the player but nothing happens. Neither combatant takes damage, but the attack does not miss.

I'm trying to keep the battle event pretty simple while I debug this:

Please let me know if there's anything else I can try looking into. Thanks for your help!
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    Sounds like you've set up the enemies attack to be able to target/damage itself. Check if you've set up something in the ability's User Changes or Critical User Changes instead of the target changes.

    E.g. setting it up in Critical User Changes instead of Critical Target Changes would be the most likely culprit, landing an occasional critical hit on itself :)
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  • You are correct, I had User Changes set for critical damage instead of Target Changes. I didn't realize it was happening on a critical hit but makes sense in retrospect.

    Thanks for your help!
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