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What would be the best direction to code granting Abilities as Loot Items along the standard gold or items/armors/equipment?
Use case: After the battle, the enemy can drop abilities like: Attack, Thunder..etc then she can stack them to later on craft Attack level 3 out of 3 Attack level 1.

I have created a custom AbilityGain Class, that will hold the ability list under the LootTable


Selecting from the List it will show all available abilities, and also the possibility to add a drop chance


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  • Abilities are not items that can be dropped and stored - even with your custom class all you can do with it is let a combatant learn the ability when getting the loot.

    If you want to be able to combine/craft them, it'd be best to set up items for that. E.g. using the item itself to learn an ability (there are settings for that in the item's use settings), while using the items in ability/research trees (learn costs) to learn an advanced ability (e.g. 3 lvl 1 attacks for 1 lvl 3 attack) or in crafting recipes to craft different ability items.
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