Hi everyone,

is it somehow possible to give combatants which you added to your group a bonus in relation to your player stats?

For example your main player has stats like 20 ATK 10 DEF and 15 AGI, and now you would like to have every combatant which you add to your battle group to get like 10% bonus on top of their stats - in relation to the player stats. So in that case this would be like a +2 ATK +1 DEF and +1.5 AGI boost.

Thanks for the help.
  • I think the best option would be using a status effect that uses formulas to change the stats.

    Formulas can use the leader of a combatant's group (or also directly the player combatant) as a source for status values. So your formulas can just get the stats of the group leader or player and go from there.
    You can also use a Check Status node in the formula first to check if the combatant is the group leader and only do the rest if it's not the leader (i.e. leader doesn't get bonuses).
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  • Thank you very much, i will try it later, right now i was curious if its possible at all.
    Great support as always.
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