I am working on a (you guessed it) Pokemon-like game. I have been attempting to implement a graphic that displays how many party members a group has, and whether or not those members are dead.

In Pokemon, this is that little bar that shows Pokeball icons. The Pokeballs are greyed out on a fainted Pokemon, and the number of Pokeball icons corresponds to the number of players in the party, up to 6.

I have tried to recreate this in a number of ways, running into a number of roadblocks. I can be pretty dumb, so that may be the issue here, but let me know what I am doing wrong/the best way to implement such a thing.

1) I tried making a HUD that displays the class icons of the active player party but A) it shows the hidden member of my party (the overworld player, who just like in Pokemon, does not participate in the battles) and B) I cannot figure out how to display a different icon if the combatant is dead, through requirements or otherwise.

2) I also created a handful of different images, one for each possibility (keeping it simple for now, where a greyed out circle could be an empty group slot or a dead combatant). I used these in the battle start event, which uses Check Group Size nodes followed by Show Image nodes to load the image for the correct group size.

This works for representing the group size, but I again cannot figure out how to check for the number of dead combatants in the active player group so I can load the appropriate image. I can use a "Check Status" node to check for death in the entire group, but I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how to check each individual member.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!
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    Hello BapSlambino,

    Maybe this can help you ( from Bug Reports thread , but in fact its not a bug xD ) :
    I see, I thought the check was looking for who had in the group, the status applied.
    But then exactly, how do we find out if a single member of the group has a particular status applied?
    answer by gamingislove :

    There are 2 ways to do this:

    1) Use the Store Combatants option in the Check Status node to store all combatants with valid conditions as found objects and use a Found Objects Count node afterwards to check if any combatant was stored (i.e. Is Greater 0).

    2) Use a Select Combatant node with filters to select combatants with certain conditions and store them. Use a Selected Data Count node afterwards to check the count (like in #1).
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    Hope that can help you.

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  • If you want to display different things in a HUD based on the combatant's status (e.g. being dead or not), you can do that via the Display Requirements in each individual HUD element. E.g. for displaying a different icon for alive and dead combatants, use 2 HUD elements, one with a status requirement checking for being dead, one for checking being alive (Death status needed requirement).
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  • Thank you for both for the helpful replies!

    I tried both the Store Combatants option and the Selected Data options in the start turn events, but couldn't seem to sort out the data correctly. I ended up going the HUD route and had it display either the icons or class icons of each combatant (since I don't plan to have those icons visible elsewhere anyway) and it works like a charm -- functions just like the little Pokeball bar in Pokemon battles.
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