I have some items which are usable (potions, scrolls, books) that I can drag the icon out of the backpack to wherever. And, I have some items which are not useable (doll, feather, etc) that I cannot drag out of the backpack. I really wasn't worried about the non-useable items; but, I created a new item which is useable - can't drag it. I've through all the settings and can't figure out why it isn't draggable.

Is there a setting (or combination of settings) that I'm missing to make this new item draggable?
  • Usually, only active choices (i.e. useable choices) can be dragged, unless you enable Drag Inactive in the menu screen's drag and drop settings (Item Box Settings of the inventory part).

    It might also be that the choice/item is actually dragged, but due to how your drag content is displayed it's not really displaying anything. Check Menus > Menu Settings > Drag/Drop Settings for that.
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  • Setting drag inactive worked. Thanks.
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